Small Business Funding

What is small business funding?

Small business funding comes in many guises and is provided for a variety of purposes.

  • cash flow funding
  • acquisition
  • expansion
  • organic growth
  • plant
  • working capital

A small business is any business from any sector which has a turnover of over £100,000 up to about £2,000,000 turnover. It can be a sole trader, a limited liability partnership, a partnership or a limited company.
Do you want free advice on small business funding?

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Funding Schemes for Small Business

There are small business funding grants/schemes available to help businesses that cannot easily find funding or don’t know how to. These can be local, national and EU schemes – Carpe Diem can provide the following lending facilities as part of their small business funding service:

  • Invoice discounting & full factoring service
  • Working capital needs
  • Acquisition of business/commercial property/assets
  • Small firms loan scheme
  • Secured and unsecured lending
  • Small Firms Loan Guarantee (SFLG)

The SFLG is a common form of small business funding which helps businesses with the most difficult part of obtaining funding. The SFLG is run by the SBS (Small Business Service) and provides extra security by guaranteeing 75% of a funding loan for small businesses that have a stable business model – therefore, the government guarantees three quarters of your small business funding loan in the event that you cannot pay.

Loans are available between 2 and 10 years, on amounts from £5,000 to £250,000 (£100,000 if you have been trading for less than 2 years). You must have a turnover of less than £3million (£5million for manufacturing businesses) to be eligible for this type of small business funding.

If you have a small business funding requirement, call us on 01453 872666 or email. We will chat through your small business funding needs without obligation.