Factoring & Invoice Discounting Service

A factoring and invoice discounting service can help if your business has good sales but your cash flow is not as smooth as you would hope for. Factoring can also help a new or young company establish it’s cash flow / liquidity which is historically known to be the period when a new company is vulnerable. Do you need access to a flexible source of funds? Is your current funding arrangement (factoring or otherwise) not keeping pace with your requirements?

Our range of factoring services and factoring solutions are designed to assist you in gaining access to a flexible source of funds that matches your businesses requirements.
Our factoring service can improve your cash flow by releasing funds tied up in unpaid invoices. Methods include:

  • Invoice Discounting (Disclosed & Confidential)
  • Factoring & Confidential Factoring
  • Non Recourse Factoring
  • Asset Finance – releasing funds tied up in existing plant and machinery
  • Payroll factoring

Would you like free advice on factoring services?

Call us on 01453 872666 – We will chat through your factoring and invoice discounting needs without obligation. If you need urgent help with your factoring and invoice discounting requirements, we can arrange to visit you within 48 hours to discuss how you can benefit from our factoring and other corporate services.
What problems does factoring & invoice factoring solve?

Late paying customers ~ you have issued the invoice and your customer delays payment which is holding your business back. Our factoring service would release up to 85% of the value of unpaid invoices within 24 hours. We also provide a credit control service where we telephone your customers, send statements and collect payments on your behalf.

Acquisition ~ to support and sit alongside an acquisition funding package or to provide the entire funding required. There are many instances where a new factor or invoice discounting provider will overpay up to 110% to help with an acquisition.

Trade Finance ~ you have an order but your cash flow cannot support the fulfilment giving you the risk of losing valuable new business opportunities. If you want upfront funding for confirmed orders and a supply of cash against invoices raised, our factoring services will solve your problem.

Refinancing and Purchasing ~ you need a funding solution to help purchase new machinery or refinance existing assets. Our factoring service can help by providing either hire purchase or lease facilities for both new and existing equipment.
Purchase new equipment using a factoring service?

Our factoring service can provide three ways to assist the purchase of new equipment:

  • Hire Purchase – You select the supplier and the equipment you want. We agree with you a repayment plan for the equipment usually between 2 and 5 years. The supplier delivers the equipment to you and we pay the supplier.
  • Finance Lease – Similar to Hire Purchase except that at the end of the repayment period you do not own the equipment.
  • Refinancing equipment – Our factoring service can release cash tied up in existing plant & machinery to invest elsewhere in your business. We can buy the existing equipment from you and provide you with a Hire Purchase or Finance Lease facility, which you can repay over an agreed period.

If you have a factoring or invoice discounting requirement, call us on 01453 872666 and will discuss in confidence & without obligation or email [email protected]

Release the cash on your balance sheet through factoring!