Acquisition Funding

Do you need acquisition funding?

If you are seeking a dynamic means of growing your business or strengthening your market position, you are likely to be considering an acquisition as opposed to relying on organic growth.

Without the necessary funding to buy – you will require acquisition funding.
Acquisition Funding Options

Funding an acquisition is extremely diverse and there are many ways of “skinning the proverbial cat”. There are no set criteria or rules but it’s important to source the right acquisition funding from the right institution. Our network of corporate and banking contacts ensures that we place your acquisition funding requirements with the right partner.

Acquisition funding options include:

  • Balance sheet funding
  • Cash
  • Cash/shares
  • Invoice Discounting & Factoring Services
  • Asset Finance – releasing funds tied up in existing plant and machinery
  • Private and angel investors
  • Senior debt funding through clearing and merchant banks
  • A market listing
  • Equity funding
  • Venture capital

Call us on 0203 30 300 30 or email. We will chat through your acquisition funding needs without obligation and in complete confidence. Once your criteria are established we can arrange to visit you to discuss the appropriate way forward with an acquisition process.

Providing a confidential, personal service, Carpe Diem manages the whole acquisition funding process. We have the experience to help with finding suitable acquisition funding, identifying and contacting suitable lenders, preparing documentation, initial meetings, presentations, negotiating and liaising with Lawyers and Accountants.